What do we do?

We are closely connected with the Chinese Nail Accessory Factories to provide high-quanlity beautiful manicures all over the world.
We are confident to add our items to your collection base on our taste of beauty.
We are trust for years because we always try our best to offer best service


People say right on air, that they will be buying next Friday, when they get paid. I have not heard things like that anywhere else. The last I counted, I had over one hundred bottles of polishes now. That is not including the polishes that I have not received yet. My only issue is I want more new cat eye colors.


These are super cool didn't know these were a thing but I do now and I love them


I’m so happy to use their products

Cat eye gel is so amazing.

That’s the first time I use it 

and very happy with. 

Annie and Mori are so helpful in my order. 

Thank you!!!


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